Hanover deck cleaning services from Hanover-Powerwashing understands that cleaning a window can be quite difficult. Window cleaning can take up several hours of your days or more if you lack the experience and proper tools. Knowing when to wash your windows depends on the type of business you are running. There are also other factors that will dictate how often you should wash the windows of your business, like the weather and how often they are used. If you are a business owner, we suggest that your windows get cleaned by an expert window cleaning company at least once a month. Keeping the front side of your commercial property looking pristine is an important requirement if you wish to attract more customers and better clients. Here are some factors that dictate how often the windows of your business should be washed

Common Issues

There is quite a list of possible reasons you may need to consider having your windows cleaned.We will go over a few of them here in this article.


During the rainy season people think that the rain will clean your windows, which makes sense. However, due to dust accumulation and minerals found inside rainwater, rainwater can allow a dull coat to form on top of your windows. If your business is located near the sea, salt deposits can build up on the glass and also corrode the window panes.


If your business is located next to a busy street that is transited by many cars and people, your windows will tend to get dirty much quicker. If your building is surrounded by many trees, debris and leaves, this can also cause grime to build up.

Nevertheless, the main factor that will indicate how frequently window cleaning is required is the type of business you are running. Every type of company is going to have different needs regarding how frequently commercial window cleaning services will be required. 

Here we offer some advice to help you understand how often you should schedule a professional window cleaning service based on the type of business you are running. 

Retail Stores

Normally retail stores or similar businesses that receive a lot of foot traffic require window cleaning services once a month. 


A restaurant may require window cleaning services more often due to the accumulation of grease and moisture. We recommend getting your windows cleaned at least every two weeks. 


Hospitals, including small clinics and doctor’s offices, need to keep a clean exterior and interior including the windows. Windows for these types of facilities should be cleaned every month.


Office spaces do not require cleaning as often. Windows can be cleaned at least every six months. However, windows in areas like the lobby or visitor areas should be cleaned between 1 to 2 months. 

We hope that after you read this, you will have a better concept of how frequently the windows of your business should be cleaned. Next time you require professional window cleaning services, contact Hanover-PowerWashing. We provide free quotes on all our cleaning services, including deck washing, house washing and concrete washing.  For further details on our services and products visit us at http://hanover-powerwashing.com/

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